What's new for v1.3 Build 024
    Added Windows XP theme support
What's new for v1.3 Build 023
    Added detection of Windows XP
    Fixed Windows Registry read and write problems related to user access 
        rights to registry under Windows NT. 
        (Would only work if Administrator or equivalent)
    Fixed data formatting issues when loading from previously saved 
        WinOwner .REG files.
What's new for v1.3 Build 022
    Minor improvements to user interface
    Updated installer to newer Windows Wizard type setup
What's new for v1.3 Build 021
    Added "Install Source Path" for Windows NT/2000
    Improved visual display formatting of Windows NT Product ID
What's new for v1.3 Build 020
    Added proper detection of Windows Me (Millennium Edition)
What's new for v1.3 Build 019
    Added ability to edit the Windows CAB (cabinet) file installation source path.
What's new for v1.3 Build 018
    Added Copy to Clipboard speed button.
    Fixed Cancel button not working on application close if modifications not
    Fixed button layout problem when canceling changes on systems other than
        Windows 98.
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