Windows Registered Owner Editor is a simple utility for changing the registered
owner, registered organization, product ID, product key for Windows 98/Me and
Windows CAB (cabinet) file installation source path.
Compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Creates template .REG files that can be reopened with Windows Registered
Owner Editor or redistributed to end users and imported into the registry by
double clicking the .REG file.
Sample Usages:
Saving Registered Owner details before reinstalling Windows from scratch.
Changing Product ID and or Product Key when creating multiple systems from
disk images.
Simplifying the task of restoring Registered Owner details on a large number of
systems after the spread of W97M_Class family of viruses.
Download Windows Registerd Owner Editor v1.3 Build 024
What's new for v1.3 Build 024
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