ColorSPY More->
   ColorSPY is a 32 bit Windows application for obtaining color codes
   anywhere on your screen under the current mouse position.
 CPUHog More->
   CPUHog is a 32-bit Windows CPU stressor. Use CPUHog to put
   a vigorous load on the system processor. 
 Gross Profit Margin Calculator More->
   The Gross Profit Margin Calculator is a 32 bit Windows application 
   for calculating Gross Profit Margin based on Cost Of Goods Sold.
 Mail Monitor BETA   More->
   Mail Monitor Email Notification Agent.
 SNTP Time Synchronization Client More->
   SNTP is an adaptation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) used to 
   synchronize computer clocks via the Internet.
   System information reporting utility for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
 Windows Registered Owner Editor More->
   Windows Registered Owner Editor is a simple utility for changing the
   registered owner, registered organization, product ID, product key for
   Windows 98/Me and Windows CAB (cabinet) file installation source path.
 WinPing  More->
   WinPing is a Windows GUI ping tool capable of pinging a single IP, an entire IP address
   Block, or user specified IP address block ranges. WinPing also has trace route and
   whois capabilities.
 XP Tool Manager  More->
   XP Tool Manager organizes all of your critical management tools for Windows XP.
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